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Frequently asked questions

Most water providers and municipalities requires that all backflow assemblies are tested annually. 

Backflow Valves are an essential and fundamental way to keep our water supply safe to use.

Backflow Club will test your backflow assemblies and file the report with the City of Vancouver.

We’ve called around extensively to ensure our prices are the best available.

Most plumbers or backflow testers have costs from $130 up to $350, and could charge assessment fees, by the hour, or even travel time.

Backflow Club has no hidden extra costs. Our pricing starts at $130 and is discounted if you’re a subscriber & if there are others nearby that we can test at the same time.

Some municipalities charge a filing fee, and this is added to the cost.

GST is charged on Backflow Testing services.

Any backflow preventer which fails a test needs to be immediately repaired or replaced. When repairs are necessary, upon completion of the repair the backflow preventer will be re-tested at the owner’s expense to insure correct operation. 

Most repairs can be done within the same visit, or on the same day. Your assembly would be re-tested and submitted to the city.

In the event that your Backflow Assembly needs replacement, a plumber needs to notify the city, get a plumbing permit and perform the work. 

Many plumbers have at one time had training in Backflow Assembly Testing, as it is included in 3rd year plumbing education. However, since most provinces in Canada require that certified backflow testers must renew their certification each year, many plumbers let their certification lapse and are thus not qualified to submit tests to the municipal water authorities and purveyors that require backflow assembly testing.

Throughout BC a “certified backflow assembly tester” is a person who has been certified by the BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) as a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester.