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Why Choose Backflow Club ?

  • Get fair pricing and transparent quotes, with no hidden fees.
  • We handle testing, repairs, and installations for all types of systems.
  • We value your time and will arrive on schedule, delivering efficient service and timely results filing.
  • We’re proud to serve our community, keeping Vancouver’s water clean and safe.
  • You won’t pay until the work is done.

How Does Our Service Work?

  • Book Online, Call, or Text
  • Send us a copy of your letter from the city
  • The tester will arrive and carry out the test. 
  • When your backflow assembly passes we file the Testing Report
  • We can provide repairs or replacements, if necessary. 

Residential & Commercial Backflow Preventer Testing & Repairs

As a leading residential and commercial backflow testing provider in Vancouver, we offer more than just testing. We provide swift repairs and professional installations to ensure the ongoing safety of your water supply.

This means you get the best price, service, and the convenience of same-day solutions with our stocked trucks carrying common replacement and repair parts.

Protect your property and ensure clean water. Contact us for a free backflow testing, repair, or installation quote in Vancouver.

Why does Vancouver, BC need backflow testing?

The City of Vancouver mandates annual backflow testing to ensure the safety of its drinking water supply. Backflow prevention devices are essential for blocking potentially contaminated water from flowing back into the clean water system.

Backflow Club provides reliable Vancouver backflow testing services to help you comply with regulations. Our certified technicians will:

  • Conduct thorough testing of your backflow assembly
  • Promptly file test results with the City of Vancouver

Proudly Serving Vancouver, BC with Expert Backflow Testing, Repair, & Installation

Our Certified Backflow Testers are fully registered with the City of Vancouver, ensuring compliance for your residential or commercial property’s backflow prevention devices. We offer:

  • Annual Backflow Testing: Meet Vancouver regulations with our reliable and efficient testing services.
  • Backflow Repairs: We provide prompt repairs for any make or model of backflow preventer.
  • New Installations: Upgrade your water safety with professional backflow device installation.


Vancouver Backflow Testing will drive efficiently to your location in our service vehicles.

What About Backflow Testing Near Me In Other Areas?

Backflow Club operates 18 locations across the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Why Do I Need a Backflow Test Every Year?

Backflow valves are crucial for preventing contaminated water from flowing back into your clean water supply. Here’s why annual testing matters:

  • Protecting Your Health: Backflow incidents can introduce harmful substances like fertilizers, chemicals, or sewage into your drinking water. Regular testing ensures your backflow prevention devices are working properly, safeguarding your family or customers.
  • Complex Plumbing Systems: Homes and businesses are connected to a vast network of pipes. Changes in water pressure can create a suction effect, pulling in contaminants if backflow preventers aren’t functioning correctly.
  • Meeting City Regulations: The City of Vancouver requires annual backflow testing to ensure community-wide water safety. Non-compliance can lead to fines or water supply interruption

Don’t take risks with your water quality. Contact Backflow Club for your annual backflow testing today!

MEtro Vancouver Backflow Testing FAQ

Yes, the City of Vancouver requires annual backflow testing for all registered backflow prevention devices on commercial and residential properties. This is essential for maintaining a safe drinking water supply.

Backflow Club specializes in Vancouver backflow testing. We have certified technicians serving the entire Vancouver area and provide prompt, affordable service.

If you have an irrigation system, boiler, fire suppression system, or certain other plumbing fixtures, you likely need backflow testing in Vancouver. Contact us to determine if your property requires testing.

We’ve called around extensively to ensure our prices are the best available.

Most plumbers or backflow testers have costs from $130 up to $350, and could charge assessment fees, by the hour, or even travel time.

Backflow Club has no hidden extra costs. Our pricing starts at $130 and is discounted if you’re a subscriber, and if there are others nearby that we can test at the same time. 

Some municipalities charge a filing fee, and this is added to the cost. 

GST is charged on Backflow Testing services.

Vancouver regulations require annual backflow preventer testing by a certified technician. We can help you stay compliant with a convenient testing schedule.

If a backflow preventer fails, repairs or replacement are needed immediately. Our technicians can often provide same-day repairs and will re-test the device to ensure it’s working correctly.

Many plumbers have at one time had training in Backflow Assembly Testing, as it is included in 3rd year plumbing education. However, since most provinces in Canada require that certified backflow testers must renew their certification each year, many plumbers let their certification lapse and are thus not qualified to submit tests to the municipal water authorities and purveyors that require backflow assembly testing.

Throughout BC a “certified backflow assembly tester” is a person who has been certified by the BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) as a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester.

Backflow.Club offers backflow testing for annual subscribers for $104 per backflow test.

The City of Vancouver charges a $20 filing fee, and GST is added to the cost. 

Our regular rate for backflow testing cost in Vancouver is $130.20

Backflow.Club offer discounts when there are 2+ and 10+ backflow assemblies tested in a single visit. We offer an annual subscription which saves customers 20% each year. 

Opting for local backflow testing in Vancouver keeps your water clean and safe, meeting city rules easily. Local pros know exactly what to do, making sure your water’s not mixed with anything yucky. Plus, you get reminders and help fast if there’s a problem.