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Why does Abbotsford, BC need backflow testing?

Backflow Valves are an essential and fundamental way to keep your drinking water safe to use. Plumbing systems in your house, business and neighbourhood are complex. Therefore, if there is any pressure loss failure in this vast system of pipes, outside contamination can enter your water. This is important – you wouldn’t want your neighbours lawn fertilizer or a restaurant’s old dishwasher soap in your drinking water! For this reason, the City of Abbotsford mandates that all backflow valves must be tested annually.

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Backflow.Club provides backflow testing, repair and installation services for all makes, models and types of backflow prevention devices. The City of Vancouver requires annual testing for registered backflow preventers on commercial and residential properties. Read on for a detailed overview of backflow testing services in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

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