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Residential & Commercial Backflow Preventer Testing in Abbotsford

We're experts in commercial backflow testing solutions, repairing, and replacing backflow assemblies.

Enjoy the best prices, services, and immediate availability of common repair parts for same-day service in Abbotsford.

Take advantage of volume and subscription discounts tailored for Abbotsford’s residents and businesses.

Proudly Serving Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

Backflow.club is dedicated to ensuring the purity of your water with backflow prevention testing, repair, and installation services for all backflow prevention device types and models. Keep your drinking water safe with annual backflow testing by Licensed Abbotsford Backflow Testing Professionals for all commercial and residential properties.

Why does Abbotsford, BC. need backflow testing?

Abbotsford residents require backflow testing to protect there water supply from contamination. This preventive measure ensures that drinking water remains safe from pollutants that could enter through backflow, especially in areas with varied uses like residential, agricultural, and commercial zones. It’s a vital step to maintain public health and safety.

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What About Backflow Testing Near Me In Other Areas?

Backflow Club operates 18 locations across the Abbotsford Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Why Do I Need a Backflow Test Every Year?

Annual backflow testing in Abbotsford ensures your prevention device works correctly, guarding against water contamination. Devices can fail over time; yearly checks help identify and fix issues promptly, keeping your water safe. It’s not just regulatory—it’s crucial for health.

This is important – you wouldn’t want your neighbours lawn fertilizer or a restaurant’s old dishwasher soap in your drinking water!

For this reason, the City of Abbotsford mandates that all backflow valves must be tested annually. 

MEtro Abbotsford Backflow Testing FAQ

Backflow occurs when there’s a reversal in the flow of water, potentially contaminating the public water supply with hazardous substances. In Abbotsford, backflow testing is important to ensure that backflow prevention devices installed in plumbing systems function correctly, safeguarding our drinking water from contamination.

The City of Abbotsford mandates that all backflow prevention devices be tested annually. This requirement helps maintain the integrity of the public water system and ensures compliance with local water safety regulations.

Backflow Club offers various discounts for backflow testing services in Abbotsford, including volume discounts for multiple properties and subscription options for annual testing services. Contact us directly to learn more about our current promotions and how you can save on your backflow testing needs.

At Backflow Club, we offer cheap backflow testing in Abbotsford without compromising service quality, ensuring your system is safe and compliant.

Local backflow testing in Abbotsford provides expertise and compliance with regional requirements, ensuring commercial property’s backflow system is properly tested by commercial backflow testing professionals.

Backflow.Club offer discounts when there are 2+ and 10+ backflow assemblies tested in a single visit. We offer an annual subscription which saves customers 20% each year. 

Backflow.Club offers backflow testing for annual subscribers for $104 per backflow test. The City of Abbotsford charges a $0 filing fee, and GST is added to the cost. Our regular rate for backflow testing cost in Abbotsford is $130.20