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Backflow Assembly Repair, Installation and Testing

What happens if a backflow assembly doesn’t pass the test?

Backflow Assembly Repair

Backflow assemblies occasionally require repair. Exposure to the elements, foreign debris in the water flow, longtime usage and high load demand are just some of the reasons that can cause components to become worn or damaged. When this damage occurs the assembly will fail testing and you are required to make neccessary repairs. Backflow Club is well experienced to assess these problems and make  those proper repairs. We have access to parts and components for all makes and models of backflow preventer assemblies at fair prices.

We will not make any repair to or replacement of your assemblies without advising you and obtaining your authorization to do the work. Once repairs are made the assembly is re-tested and reported to the local authority.

Backflow Assembly Installation or Replacement

Backflow prevention assemblies are in-line repairable and generally last for decades but there are times when new units must be installed. Backflow Club can replace existing assemblies or do new installations if required. We will obtain any necessary plumbing permits and inspections and you can rest assured this work will only be undertaken by an experienced and licensed plumber.